This administration guide explains how to generate a self-signed certificate in the UPSSO IDP (Identity Provider) for SAML integration with SP’s (Service Providers). The generated IDP certificate needs to be imported in SPs such as Salesforce, GSuite. Also, this certificate will part of the SAML Response XML messages sent from UPSSO IDP to SP.


  1. Click on the “IDP Resources” => “IDP Resources” from the left side navigation menu

2 . Click on the “DOWNLOAD IDP CERTIFICATE” button.

3. Enter the certificate details as explained below and click on UPDATE

Country Code: Two-letter country code (Example: IN for India)

State/Province Name: State name (Example: Karnataka)

Locality: City name (Example: Bangalore)

Organization Name: Name of the company (Example: Unique Performance TechSoft Private Limited)

Organizational Unit Name: Enter as “UPSSO”

Common Name: Enter the IP address or hostname of your UPSSO server (Example:

Email Address: Email address of UPSSO administrator

Please refer to the following screenshot.

4. “server.crt” file will get downloaded. This certificate file can be uploaded to SP’s such as Salesforce to register for SAML integration.