A UPSSO user can be created/updated by the administrator using UI and stored in the UPSSO database


  1. Login into the UPSSO portal as an administrator.

  2. Click on the “Users” from the left side navigation menu.

  3. Click on the “New Record” Plus button as highlighted below

4. Enter the user details as described below.

E-Mail: Unique Email ID of the user

Mobile Number: Unique mobile number of the user

Username: Unique username of the user to login to the UPSSO application.

Firstname: FIrst name of the user

Lastname: Last name of the user

Two-Factor Auth Method: The created user will receive the OTP messages using this selected method.

Select Role: Select a Role for the user. (We will discuss the Roles in the following sections)

Select Source: The source should be “UPSSO” (Note: If the Source is “LDAP” then the user will be treated as an LDAP user and he/she will be always authenticated against the LDAP server. The system will not send an invitation email to the LDAP user as the password is not maintained by UPSSO)

Set Timezone: Select the timezone according to the location.

Is Admin: Select this checkbox if you want to create this user as a UPSSO administrator.

Please look at the following screenshot for reference,

5. Click on the “SAVE” button

6. The system will send an invitation email to the user-created with username & password as below.

7. Upon receiving the email the user can log in to the UPSSO portal